Strategic Leadership



Strategic Leadership is designed to help managers make the shift from tactical focus of day-to-day tasks to strategic focus, productively moving themselves and their teams toward bigger picture goals of the organization. This group training series consists of 4, 90-minute virtual, highly interactive sessions focused on helping managers create a vision of success and build action steps to enhance their strategic leadership skills in 4 key areas:


Leading with Vision & Values

Strategic leaders develop vision, fueled by values, to align their work with the direction of the organization. Consistent communication of their vision to their team ensures everyone is on the same page, working toward the same goal: contributing to the forward momentum of the organization. Inside this session, participants will: 

Prioritizing What Matters Most

Strategic leadership depends upon a manager’s skills to prioritize tasks and manage time, energy and resources to ensure they are focused on what matters most: Leading their team to achieve organizational goals and objectives. Inside this session, participants will:

Building Your Capacity Through Your Team

Teams with diverse skill sets and well-developed capacity have the ability to keep the train ‘on track’ even when you’re not there, get more work done in less time, share mutual trust with their managers and feel supported with their career development. Inside this session, participants will:

Taking Risks and Failing Fast

Managers are consistently called upon to quickly evaluate challenging situations, navigate uncertainty, weigh risk and take decisive action. Inside this session, participants will:

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