Essential Conversations



Essential Conversations is designed to help managers grow and elevate their people management skills through 4 key conversations. The program consists of 4, 90-minute virtual sessions focusing in these  areas: 


One-on-One Conversations

The manager/direct report relationship is key to unlocking engagement and productivity. Using a framework based in neuroscience, participants will:

Coaching Conversations

Coaching skills empower managers to support their team members to reach their goals, inspire self-leadership and accountability and motivate them to perform at their best. Inside this session, participants will:

Feedback and Difficult Conversations

Giving and receiving feedback is a powerful tool, and a gift for both the giver and receiver. For manager’s, it’s vital to the well-being of our teams to provide feedback in an effective way. Using BetterManager’s feedback model, participants will:

Career Development Conversations

Career development conversations are crucial to the growth of our team members. Inside this session, participants will: 

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