The Human Side

of Mergers

Comprehensive guide for
HR-led PMI success

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70-90% of M&A deals fail.

This guide empowers people teams for a seamless transition, fostering a stronger and more resilient unified organization.

What's inside the guide?

A 29-page roadmap for HR leaders to navigate the complexities of merger and acquisition integrations with confidence. 

Checklists & tips for PMI success
  • General M&A Procedures
  • Managerial Skills During Change
  • Understanding High Turnover in M&A
  • Maintaining Team Engagement
  • Combating Turnover
  • Cross-Functional Integration Strategies
  • Key HR Metrics for M&A Success
Prepare your people teams for every stage of the acquisition process.

Before the Deal

  • What essential skills do managers need to handle change well?
  • How can we build a strong company culture and leadership to navigate uncertainty?
  • Are our managers prepared to deal with the effects of M&As on their teams?

During the Deal

  • How can HR support and shape the company culture during a merger or acquisition?
  • How do we keep employees growing even after a merger to ensure long-term success?
  • What are the most important HR metrics to measure success during a merger or acquisition?

After the Deal

  • How do we help teams embrace change and deal with uncertainty effectively?
  • What can we do to tackle issues like high turnover rates after the merger?
  • How can we ensure different teams work well together after the merger?

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Unlock HR's key role in successful mergers: from operations blend to cultural integration. Equip yourself with transformation checklists for a seamless transition.


Ideal for HRBPs, HR/people ops leaders, and anyone supporting ongoing company culture or employee development efforts.

Comprehensive Guide for HR-led PMI Success

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