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Momentive: Excellence at scale and on time.

Explore Momentive's partnership with New Level Work, scaling excellence from a pilot to an ingrained coaching culture. Over 150 employees benefited since 2017, experiencing the impact of data-informed coaching. Elevate your organization with Momentive's journey and New Level Work's expertise.

Key Takeaways:

  • Strategic Partnership: Momentive's alliance with New Level Work highlights coaching's pivotal role amid rapid growth.
  • Institutionalized Coaching Culture: Momentive's shift from a pilot to an ingrained coaching culture signals commitment to lasting development.
  • Data-Informed Coaching: Success at Momentive comes from data-informed coaching, using "360 feedback" for targeted leadership improvement.
  • High-Impact Topics: New Level Work's sessions with Momentive cover crucial topics: team development, career growth, one-on-ones, and navigating tough conversations.
  • Enduring Impact: Testimonials from managers like Louise, Chris, Dan Savitzky, and Ben Storey underscore coaching's lasting impact—improved skills, trust-building, and a positive mindset shift beyond sessions.

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