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Fairfield University: Redefining Business Education Holistically

Explore Fairfield University's Dolan School, where executive coaching with New Level Work transforms leadership development. This co-curricular program integrates experiential coaching seamlessly with academic coursework, earning stellar feedback and plans for a third cohort.

Elevate your leadership journey with our proven approach!

Key Takeaways:

  • Innovative Executive Coaching: Dolan School partnered with New Level Work for unique executive coaching, focusing on graduate student leadership development.
  • Strategic Partnership: Initiated by New Level Work's President John Topping in response to Dean Zhan's goal of distinguishing Dolan, showcasing the impact of strategic partnerships in educational innovation.
  • Integrated Learning: The program seamlessly blended experiential coaching with academic coursework, emphasizing a holistic learning approach.
  • Stellar Student Feedback: Students praised the program for gaining self-awareness, effective communication skills, and adaptive behaviors crucial for leadership roles.

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