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Danby: Making People Managers into Leaders

In 90 days, Danby, a leading appliance manufacturer, shifted from good to great with New Level Work's Leadership Journeys. Addressing essential conversations, feedback, and career development, the program delivered a remarkable 60% positive cultural change. Elevate your organization with New Level Work's transformative leadership solutions!
Elevating Danby from good to great


The Outcome: Danby invested in leadership to elevate company culture, resulting in a reinvigorated workplace in 90 days.


The Company: 320 employees, founded in 1947, locations in Canada & USA


Our Solution: Continuous Leadership Journeys: Essential Conversations, 360 Manager Assessment, 1-on-1 Coaching, Group Coaching, Organizational Pulse Checks



Key takeaways:
  • Danby's transition to greatness stemmed from a significant investment in people leaders, highlighting leadership's crucial role.

  • New Level Work's Continuous Leadership Journeys, including Essential Conversations Group Training, 360 Manager Assessment, 1-on-1 Coaching, and Group Coaching Sessions, drove a remarkable 60% positive cultural change within 90 days.

  • The Organizational Pulse Check measured progress, successes, and areas for ongoing leadership development, emphasizing the importance of continuous assessment.

  • Testimonials, like Toby Weir's, affirm the program's relevance and impact, resonating even with experienced leaders.

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